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Travel Abroad Programs for High School Students

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Kimberly Manning

With the fall school semester just underway, high school students planning a summer abroad can begin securing their travels for summer 2023. Travel abroad programs for high school students are an enriching experience of learning and personal growth in some of the world’s most magnificent regions. At Where There Be Dragons, our summer abroad programs are 4- to 6-week courses in locations throughout the United States, Africa, China, Asia, Latin America, and beyond.

Students looking to gain a new perspective and have a one-of-a-kind adventure before going to college can benefit from a summer abroad. Dragons offers intentional travel programs for students who want a fully immersive experience that includes stays with local families and experiential learning with local activists and community members. 

Indonesia, Photo by Dragons Alum Sadie Fischbeck

What are the benefits of travel abroad programs for high school students?

Travel abroad programs for high school students can contribute to the success and growth of individuals from both a career and personal standpoint. Students are exposed to new and exciting experiences that broaden their perspective of themselves and the world. 

Each program has a different focus, which ranges from intensive language study, conservation and culture, sustainability, spirituality, and cultural exploration. These program components enable students to step out of their comfort zone and conditioned way of thinking to learn more about themselves and the world around them. 

These programs offer support for students while giving space for individual study and community-building opportunities. Individual study is a specifically unique component that gives students the freedom to dive into their passions. This can include study in art, eco-tourism, agriculture, and more.

Where can high school students travel abroad?

Where There Be Dragons summer abroad programs in 2023 are located in Peru, Nepal, Guatemala, British Columbia, Indonesia, China, Colorado River Basin, Great Lakes Region, Senegal, Morocco, Indian Himalayas, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, Bolivia, and Taiwan. Students travel to rural destinations, traverse along the most diverse landscapes in the world, and dive into ancient communities.

Explore the depths of the shores of Lake Superior, experience life along China’s longest river, receive intensive language study in Guatemala, or hike the sacred mountains of Peru. Each program offers a distinct and fully immersive experience in the region’s way of life.

At Where There Be Dragons, our travel abroad programs for high school students offer the opportunity to experience unique regions throughout the world. Individuals between the ages of 15-20 can participate.

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