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How to Learn About Sustainability While Traveling Abroad

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Kimberly Manning

When traveling abroad, understanding how to learn about sustainability from a global perspective opens up the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of being a citizen of the world. Social and environmental justice studies are among the key program components of all Where There Be Dragons Gap Year and study abroad programs

Learning about sustainability while abroad allows young adults to widen their viewpoint of what living sustainability actually means and the global impact of climate change. Whether traveling through remote communities or urban areas, students can expect to develop a greater comprehension of how the climate is tied to economic development, human rights, poverty, politics, policies, and beyond.


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Trekking in Bolivia, Photo by Dragons Admin Julianne Chandler

How to Learn About Sustainability

Have Conversations with Community Stakeholders

One of the most powerful ways to understand what sustainability means to a specific community is by directly speaking with those who live there. Students are encouraged to engage in meaningful conversations about sustainable practices, land use, globalization, indigenous practices, development trends, and more. These exchanges can open up a window into what it’s like to truly experience the impact of shifting weather patterns on our planet.

Travel the Region with Intention

When traveling abroad, it’s important to commute and travel like the local community members do. Being fully immersed in the culture and day-to-day life of homestay families exposes students to alternative modes of transportation, food cultures, daily habits and rituals, and more. Whether in urban settings or amid rugged landscapes, students will not live like tourists but will instead adopt the culture for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Participate in Treks and Wilderness Excursions

Whether trekking through the Himalayas, the Amazon Rainforest, or simply amid local trails, students establish respect for the beautiful and scenic wilderness no matter where they are traveling. These types of excursions allow students to connect on a deeper level to the power of the land and the real impact of global climate change.

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