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Discover the Andes While Studying Abroad in Bolivia

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Kimberly Manning

Located in central South America, Bolivia is home to a dramatic landscape featuring the Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert and Amazon Basin rainforest. Bolivia is known as a country of extremes and diversity, from the various cultures to the landscape and ecosystems. In the heart of the Andes, Bolivian culture is deeply rooted in land, especially communities in rural regions throughout the country. 

Sunrise Bolivia

Sunrise in Bolivia, photo by Ryan Gasper

Why Study Abroad in Bolivia

Students studying abroad in Bolivia are exposed to the vibrant cultures and peoples of the region, the magic of the mountains and rainforests, important trends and politics, and indigenous rights and representation. From rugged travel through the mountains to the rich culture in Bolivian cities, study abroad in Bolivia offers a sneak peak into a truly fascinating and magnificent culture.

3 Reasons to Study Abroad in Bolivia

Be Immersed in Language Study 

Spanish is the predominant language spoken in Bolivia, and students gain exposure and immersion into language study while abroad. Students can take formal lessons in Spanish, communicate with local community members and activists, and engage in conversation with homestay families.

Discover the Magic of the Andes

Bolivia is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, which makes topics of conservation and resource management of utmost importance. Experience the high Andes on short or long hikes along the region’s most scenic trails. Students take part in extensive walking through high altitude mountains and trek along the foothills taking in some of the world’s most dramatic views.

Learn About Sustainable Agriculture and Farming

In Bolivia, the coca leaf is widely popular and seen as sacred to many people in the country. While the plant is legal in Bolivia, it is illegal in most other countries throughout the world as the leaves are used to create cocaine. Learning about coca exposes students to many themes around Latin-American relations and how a plant can mean so many different things to different people. 

Experience the Rich Culture

When studying abroad, students have an opportunity to learn more about art, culture, food, and beyond. The rich culture of Bolivia offers experiences in Bolivian cooking techniques, use of medicinal plants, agricultural practices, music and folklore, and beyond.

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