Risk Management

Real risks exist at all junctures of our travel experiences. Our job is to minimize those risks, and to respond with exacting professionalism and care when an emergency occurs.

Traveling with a third-party provider reduces stress and provides a higher quality and more educational experience. It also provides a valuable safety net. Having worked with students over 500,000 + field-days, we’ve developed an expertise in managing risks and responding to emergencies. We have a dedicated emergency response team, on call to field-staff 24/7. And our trip leaders are trained in wilderness emergency medicine and in shared operational procedures that ensure the highest level of attention and care.

In determining course areas, designing itineraries, hiring staff, and working with contractors, safety is our paramount concern. Dragons’ risk management team assesses risk issues before each course goes into the field. If we determine that travel to a planned program area will present unacceptable risk, we will alter our travel plans without hesitation – something easily done due to the strengths of our instructor teams, our extensive in-country experience and wealth of local contacts, the limited size of our groups, and the support provided by our administrative staff.

There are inherent and other risks in adventure and recreational activities and travel which we cannot control. Traveling in foreign countries, at high altitudes, in wilderness areas or mountainous terrain, presents real risks. Unpredictable changes in weather conditions, political instability, or recreational or travel activities such as trekking, backpacking, bike riding, or taking local transportation involve hazards that can lead to injury or possibly even death. Evacuations can be difficult, and can be complicated by severe weather, poor roads or other unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. On some of our programs we may be several days from competent emergency medical care.

Participants of any age who are interested in our programs should understand the risks and hazards, and be willing to take personal responsibility for their well-being. Though adult programs vary in physical rigor, all participants should be in reasonably good physical condition prior to attending any Dragons outing. As some journeys are more strenuous than others, prospective participants should carefully read individual program descriptions for details.

At Dragons, we have an excellent safety record and we take pride in the attention we give to participants’ health and safety. Please read all our program materials thoroughly, and call us if you have any questions.

From the Executive Director