About Dragons Adult Programming

Where There Be Dragons is the leader in cross-cultural education, fostering leadership, self-exploration and global citizenship since 1993.


Dragons is a global community representing 6 continents, over 30 countries, and countless languages, villages, NGOs, religions, host families, perspectives, and stories. We are united by a mission of nurturing empathy and understanding across borders through authentic cultural exchange. With 25+ years of experience working with high school and gap year students, we have established ourselves as the leaders in cross-cultural and experiential education. We now offer the same kind of meaningful cultural engagement for adult participants.


We believe that authentic cross-cultural engagement builds empathy and understanding across borders. Intentional travel experiences allow us to step away from the rhythms of daily life and affords us space for reflection on ourselves and our lives, inspiring us to emerge as more realized versions of ourselves.


We offer adults an opportunity to spark their curiosity and engage with our global community. Our journeys take travelers to the map’s edge and immerses them in a holistic exploration of place and of self.


We travel in small groups

A Dragons group consists of up to 12 adult participants and 2 instructors. A 6:1 participant-to-instructor ratio ensures that each participant receives personalized care, cultural guidance, and appropriate challenges. A small group allows us to create in-depth, honest, and meaningful cross-cultural experiences, unique in the field of adult travel.

We hire experts

On our adult programs, veteran Dragons Instructors and Administrators build immersive course itineraries based on personal contacts and a specific focus of inquiry. We believe the best way to learn about a culture is to be in direct contact with someone from that culture. That’s why our field staff is composed of professional guides and educators who have the years of personal and professional in-country experience needed to bridge the gap between cultural differences.  They also possess skills necessary to expertly guide unique travel experiences in some of the most captivating locales on the planet. Cultural fluency allows instructor teams to manage country-specific risk management issues, as well as capitalize on magical and sometimes unexpected cultural opportunities as they arise. On your adult program, you can expect to be guided by Dragons most veteran and experienced Instructors.

We offer educational programs rather than tours

Dragons is an experiential education company. On an adult program, we seek out new opportunities for discovery within the fabric of daily life: cooking home-made chapati bread with a Nepalese homestay host, drinking sweet attaya tea under a mango tree with a Senegalese village Chief, or greeting a merchant in Mandarin on a bustling street in China.  By closely observing and engaging with local communities, we begin to ask questions about new cultural traditions, systems of governance, religious beliefs, and human rights. We also ask reflective questions about who we are, what brings meaning to our lives, and how we would like to live as empowered members of a global community.

We design our programs ourselves

Rather than hire local ground operators to handle the logistics and itinerary, we work from within our own organization to meticulously craft and design our adult programs. We draw upon our 25+ years of international educational experience, amalgamating our plethora of local contacts with our cross-cultural curriculum to design profound and meaningful adventures for adult travelers.

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