Staffing Director Job Description

Position Overview

The Staffing Director (SD) is responsible for managing the sourcing, vetting, and hiring for short-term field staff positions across our international programming. With field staff positions available throughout the year, the SD oversees recruitment of new staff as well as the ongoing professional network of our staff community. The position requires a commitment to international experiential education, excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills, ability to manage dynamic systems and detailed workflows, and a high emotional intelligence. The SD position is well-suited to individuals with a unique aptitude for creating community, managing administrative systems, and communicating with a diversity of personalities.


Primary Responsibilities

Staff Recruitment: Sourcing, interviewing, and hiring excellent field staff

  • Initiating regular outreach to relevant organizations and job forums to source prospective staff
  • Managing the yearly staffing timeline across Summer, Semester, Adult, and Partnership programs
  • Reviewing, tracking, and responding to new applicants
  • Conducting initial staff interviews and vetting process
  • Coordinating staffing needs with other departments and positions
  • Informing final hiring decisions and pairings of staff teams
  • Coordinating employment offers and logistics with the H.R. Director

Staff Community Relations: Managing ongoing professional relationships with our current and alumni staff network

  • Reviewing and assessing staff performance and feedback
  • Responding to staff requests in conjunction with the H.R. Director
  • Maintaining relationships with key staff to increase job satisfaction and retention
  • Addressing individual and shared concerns from field staff
  • Overseeing the creation of a regular Staff Newsletter
  • Assessing and approving requests for professional development
  • Contributing to staff trainings and in-house professional development
  • Managing professional profiles and community relationships on staffing social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.


Desired Experience and Skills

The Staffing Director should demonstrate the following:

  • Significant program administration experience (e.g., H.R., staffing, program direction, risk management, etc.)
  • Strong familiarity working across different cultural contexts
  • Extensive experience in a relevant field (i.e. experiential education, international guiding, youth programming, service learning, etc.)
  • A strong understanding of working in challenging environments, particularly in international and remote settings
  • Skillfulness in cross-cultural education, mentorship, conflict resolution, facilitation, and leadership
  • A high degree of autonomy, personal initiative, intrinsic motivation, and self-management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • A demonstrated ability to create and manage dynamic tracking and project management systems (e.g., customer relationship management, Asana, application portals, etc.)
  • High proficiency in spreadsheets, networking platforms, and email management systems
  • A high emotional IQ and ability to discern others’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Passion for building and maintaining genuine professional relationships


Terms and Remuneration

The Staffing Director job is an 80-100% time position. Being able to base out of our Boulder office would be preferable, but we will consider qualified remote candidates. Compensation and benefits are commensurate with experience, salary history, and industry standards.