Instructor Application

Thank you for your interest in joining a growing community of spectacular and inspiring individuals!

Before completing our instructor application, it’s crucial that you have carefully reviewed the Instructor Qualifications, Job Description & Responsibilities, and Instructor Pay & Benefits pages of our website.

Our hope is that the answers you provide in your application perfectly embody the depth and breadth of who you are. Dragons considers each application very carefully based on its content, so please respond as thoroughly and thoughtfully as possible. And don’t worry: if you can’t answer a question, or can’t determine any relevant experience, that’s fine. In forming our leadership teams, we carefully balance co-instructors’ talents and skills, and we often hire certain staff based on a single quality, skill set or experience. We do not expect that every applicant will possess all relevant qualities, or that every applicant will be able to provide extraordinary answers to all questions.

Thank you and we look forward to learning more about you!

Section I: Personal Information

In which program areas are you qualified to work? Which season(s) are you applying for? Are there any specific programs you are interested in?
Full Name (as it appears on your passport)
Passport Number
Passport Expiration Date
Current Address
Second Address (if current address is not permanent - please explain and give dates for each)
Primary Phone
Work Phone
Email Date of Birth
Social Security Number (for U.S. citizens)
Have you ever been arrested or faced criminal charges?
If YES, please explain the offence, date and outcome:
How did you find Dragons? If you have been referenced by a past Dragon's instructor or member of our staff, please include his/her name:

Section II: Past Experience

1. How does your educational and/or professional background specifically qualify and prepare you to work as an instructor for Where There Be Dragons? Please be sure to detail your relevant "regional fluency" (extent of ground/travel experiences, level of local language(s) fluency, time spent living in-country, depth of contacts, and demonstrated passion for & connection to a specific culture) in the countries where we run programs.
2. Provide a detailed list of experience you have had leading groups: course names and dates, or years employed by a guiding/education/therapeutic company. Also include any experience you've had working with groups as a facilitator (facilitating group dynamics and interpersonal relationships; working through conflict resolution and group process; etc).
3. Dragons instructors often have their own contacts, friends and acquaintances that they incorporate into their courses to help the students become more engaged with the country. If you have any personal in-country contacts that might enhance the quality of your program, please identify them (e.g. contacts with NGOs, potential home-stay families, guest lecturers; or information on past retreats that you have done, etc).
4. Do you have any personal interests or research experience (academic, artistic, spiritual, or cultural) that you feel comfortable incorporating into lessons for Dragons students? In what ways do you believe your teaching would enhance the student experience?

Section III: Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Style

1. In working with adolescents and co-instructors in rugged environments within developing world, Dragons instructors are asked to fulfill many necessary roles, including teacher, parent, friend, guide, counselor and health professional. In which role(s) do you feel that you would be most competent? Where do you foresee the most challenges?
2. Describe your personal teaching style.
3. If friends and colleagues were asked to describe you as a role model, what would they say?
4. Because we work in exciting, ever-changing, remote environments, the best-laid plans often change. Can you give an example of how in the past you have managed to remain a leader - with good judgment and energy - when things did not work out quite as you had planned?
5. Dragons courses take participants to off-the-beaten-path places, exposing them to completely new and often challenging environments, consistently encouraging them to step out of their "comfort zones." Please give an example of how you would work with a student who was feeling particularly challenged due to being so far away from home, in such a different environment.
6. What would you like your fellow instructors and the students to say about you at the end of the course?

Section IV: References

Please provide the contact information for one personal reference and two professional references who have known you for at least one year.

Reference #1


Reference #2


Reference #3


Section V: Curriculum Vitae

Please upload a copy of your CV or current resume. PDF format is preferred.
I hereby declare that the above is an honest and truthful representation of my skills and experience. I understand that if I have misrepresented myself in any way I am forfeiting my opportunity to be a Dragons instructor.
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