Instructor Qualifications

The richness of our gap year and summer learning adventures is largely attributed to the amazing life experience of our course instructors.

An international job with Dragons is challenging, yet also infinitely rewarding! Our instructors are empowered with a multitude of responsibilities, requiring a specialized skill set that many applicants possess only after spending considerable time living, working, volunteering or studying in a community within the developing world. Our instructors average 28 years old.

While we don’t expect that every applicant will meet all of the below criteria, the ideal candidate will:

  • Demonstrate unique in-country experience, regional fluency and strong contacts in any of the countries where we run programs (please speak to this in your application)
  • Demonstrate foreign language skills relevant to the program area.
  • Demonstrate experience leading groups and/or working with adolescents.
  • Demonstrate a dedication to the field of teaching and ability to educate the whole student.
  • Exhibit significant experience in a relevant field (i.e. education, guiding, development work, service learning, wilderness, non-profits, etc).
  • Possess a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) certification.
  • An understanding of risk management and navigation of challenging environments within the developing world.
  • Capable of instructing a safe, educational, dynamic and engaging course.

These are the broadest of our instructor qualifications. As you can imagine, the specialized nature of the work means that there are also many sub-qualifications. The ideal candidate for an international job with Dragons needs to demonstrate other talents, including strong interpersonal skills, technical skills, and risk management skills. There are many hats — both collective and individual — that must be worn by the members of an instructor team. The list is exhausting, and a little overwhelming, but don’t worry; we understand that few individual applicants will carry the skill set needed to wear all of them! Some may bring a wealth of in-country contacts; some may bring a great deal of experience working with adolescents; and some may bring a strong background in wilderness medicine and emergency response. No matter the hats that an individual wears, all are equally valued.

Before applying to work with Dragons, you’ll want to review our Job Description & Responsibilities, so that you more clearly understand the ways in which instructor talents are brought to the forefront of both course design and course implementation.

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