Flights & Insurance Fees

For Dragons Summer Abroad and Gap Semesters.

We often are asked for more details about how participant travel is coordinated. The purpose of this page is to provide more context about participant travel to and from a Dragons program destination.


When traveling with Dragons, we ask that all students travel on our coordinated group flights. Our group flights are truly the beginning of your journey and the time when students first meet and begin to develop friendships with each other. That said, you do have the option to self manage your own travel as discussed below.

When you book a flight with Dragons, we handle all of your international flight details, including booking, cancellations, and day of travel logistics. Whenever possible, we make group reservations directly with airlines to ensure we have enough seats for all students to travel together. The benefit of these group flight contracts is that we can hold these seats for students to ensure everyone arrives and departs at the same time. Likewise, contracts help us ensure that in the event of airline-initiated itinerary changes, the group does not get separated.

Students from the United States are still responsible for arranging their own travel to the international group flight departure city. These airports most commonly include Miami International Airport (MIA), Houston International Airport (IAH), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), depending on flight availability.

For the reasons above, nearly all of our participants travel on our group flights with limited exceptions.


Our Travel Day Coordinator greets students at the airport, assures that they have all necessary travel documents, and checks them in.


Our summer program group flights are chaperoned by an adult for the program departure/start. Our flight chaperones greet students at the airport; fly with them to their program country; and help them navigate customs, find their baggage, and meet up with their instructor team to begin their group travels. At the end of the program, instructors accompany students to the airport, help them check in, and elect a Student Travel Leader to communicate with Dragons Administration as the group makes their way back to the US.


Participants incur a separate flight fee, which includes the group international flight and the management of all flight logistics to ensure the highest quality and safety of travel services. This may include flight chaperones, security and boarding support, itinerary changes, and more. As a result, flight fees may be higher than what individuals will find when purchasing an individual ticket. Flight fees will appear on your MyDragons (user portal) and your program invoice. Flight fees are estimated based on early itinerary quotes and anticipated travel costs; however, they are subject to change based on actual ticketing fees at the time of booking. In instances when actual fight costs exceed the initial invoice amount, the difference may be billed to the participant.


Students who choose to book their own international airfare apart from the group ticket incur a $200 fee (programs in the United States and Canada are exempt). In order to be eligible for self-managed airfare, students must be at least 15 years old by the time their program departs, unless accompanied by an adult. To ensure your child arrives at their program on time, we ask that you book a flight scheduled to land as close to the group arrival and departure times as possible, which will depend on the destination country and program.

When students book flights independently, we cannot help coordinate changes to their tickets or travel plans in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Please note that because Dragons is not involved in the purchase of self-managed airfare, we will not be able to assist with any flight delays, changes, cancellations, or additional services associated with these scheduling contingencies. Participants who arrive outside of the arrival window may incur additional charges.

Beginning Travel Outside of the United States

Students arriving to their program from outside of the United States are responsible for booking and managing their own airfare and confirming their travel with Where There Be Dragons. The self-managed airfare fee does not apply in this case.

Traveling Within the United States and Canada

Students traveling on Where There Be Dragons programs in the United States and Canada are responsible for arranging their own travel to and from their program within specified arrival and departure windows. These travel windows are made available to you in your MyDragons account at least three months prior to the beginning of your program. The self-managed airfare fee does not apply in this case.

Communicating with Your Child During Travel

When students depart from home and begin their adventure with Where There Be Dragons, we understand how important it is to receive confirmation that your child has arrived safely. Our Flight Coordinator and Instructors update your child’s Yak Board throughout their trip and confirm their safe arrival to their program start location.

If the group has multiple connecting flights, our administrative team will update the Yak Board upon arrival to their destination.


Participants are automatically enrolled in International SOS, an International Health and Security Risk Management service.
International SOS provides emergency medical evacuation coverage as well as 24-hour medical consultation with medical professionals around the globe. They are a known industry leader in the field and we have found their services to be incredibly helpful in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Organizationally, working with a single provider allows for efficient decision making in emergency situations. It also facilitates the complex logistics of international medical care and transportation, allows for our instructors to readily consult with medical experts and logisticians, and allows for consistent care and services across program areas. As we cannot readily assess the quality of other providers, we enroll every participant with ISOS. The fee for this additional service and coverage is billed separately from tuition and appears on the final program invoice.

International SOS Insurance Fees
  • Gap Semester: $465
  • Summer Program: $250

Full benefits of this service are provided in your Course Preparation Manual and upon request.

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