Alumni References

Connect first-hand with our alumni

Would you like to connect with our alumni to learn more about Dragons and find out what a course might look like for you? Before joining us on Dragons program, we recommend talking to alumni to ensure sure that Dragons is the right fit. You can reach our Ambassadors at the email addresses listed below.

For a more comprehensive list of summer and semester alumni references, you can submit a request here:

Full Reference List

Anna Dudina- Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes,

Emma Bailey- Indonesia: Community and Conservation, and Peru: Sacred Mountains,

Sophie Reeves- Eastern Himalayas: West Bengal to Sikkim,

Lillian Ellis- China: Mandarin Language Intensive,

Vanessa Payne- Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive,

Ivan Garcia- Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes,

Lindsey O’Neill- Guatemala: Spanish Language Intensive,

Tim Koen- China: The Silk Road and Peru: Sacred Mountains,

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