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College Study Abroad

There are many ways to be a student.

At Dragons we guide university-aged students to far-reaching locations to expand the boundaries of the classroom. Our approach to College Study Abroad Programs is to provide high-quality academic experiences in unconventional places. In addition to rigorous academic exploration, we learn by doing, travel like locals, live with families, and get dirty for the sake of discovery.

Take an alternative path to study abroad through cultural immersion, regional and intercultural studies, independent study projects, language study, and a small-group experience with Dragons.

Explore our semester and summer program options in Bolivia, China, India, Nepal, and Peru.

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Why Dragons

Our Approach

Our study abroad programs are dynamic educational adventures. We bring academic studies to life in unpredictable ways, allowing us to better know ourselves and the world we live in.

Academic Exploration

Make the most of your study abroad

Earn academic credit while developing essential language competence, understanding of regional history and politics, experience with research methods & application, and intercultural communication skills.


Experiential Learning

Push the boundaries of your classroom

At Dragons we believe in harnessing an experiential education approach to academics. This means exploring the limits of where we learn, embracing meaningful challenge, listening humbly to local knowledge, and leaving room for spontaneity.

Why Dragons

Dynamic Programming

Be ready to adventure, explore, and learn

Intentional program components such as rugged travel, homestays, trekking, and learning service are woven throughout the experience to ensure students are exposed to the stories and lessons of host communities.

Program Structure

College Study Abroad Programs

There’s been a growing dialogue about the value of an education in the 21st century. Learners are increasingly asking for concrete sets of global competencies and leadership skills before they join the workforce, or before they take on myriad global challenges that can best be addressed from a place of experience and empathy.

It is hard to gain these skills and perspectives in traditional classroom alone. We are here to offer a different path.

Get Connected…Stay Connected

Whether you are new to Dragons or Alumni, we offer many ways to connect and stay engaged…

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    • Princeton Novogratz Bridge Year India 2019-20
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Community News
  • Dragons Alumni Featured in “Bridging the Gap” article in The Buzz Magazines

    We LOVE seeing our alumni featured in the press, and this piece spotlighting Blake Myers (Dragons Nepal Semester) is so fresh and thorough! We've included a few of our favorite excerpts.... <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/dragons-alumni-featured-in-bridging-the-gap-article-in-the-buzz-magazines" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

  • Dragons Community Grant Fund Supports Menstrual Health Project in Chaukati, Nepal.

    In an effort to give back to our wonderful network of international partners, Dragons has a Community Grant Fund that awards grants to local organizations based on a comprehensive application process. Some of this year's grant funds were distributed to support a menstrual health project in Chaukati, Nepal. Thank you to Michael D. Smith MSW/MPH... <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/dragons-community-grant-fund-supports-menstrual-health-project-in-chaukati-nepal" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

  • Josh and Chuck cover “What’s a Gap Year anyway?” on the podcast: Stuff You Should Know

    Trusty and entertaining hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant have taken on ALL the questions associated with Gap Years in a recent episode of the Stuff You Should Know Podcast... <a href="http://www.wheretherebedragons.com/news/josh-and-chuck-cover-whats-a-gap-year-anyway-on-the-stuff-you-should-know-podcast" style="color:#61818F;text-decoration:none">Read more »</a>

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