Meet with a Dragons Instructor

Connect in person

Meeting a Dragons instructor is often the best way to learn more about our program opportunities. We place a premium on human connection, both at home and in the field, and consequently send instructors on the road each year to meet with prospective students and their families.

If you would like to learn what it means to go ‘where there be dragons’, let us know. We’d love to connect in person.

When meeting with our instructors:

  • Watch a comprehensive slideshow presentation detailing Dragons program opportunities.
  • Ask questions regarding a specific program itinerary and/or course curriculum.
  • Hear stories from Dragons instructors experiences in the field.

We will generally have instructors and representatives on the road from January through the end of May, and we would love to make time to meet your family. If one of our instructors will not be in your area, we will try our best to set up an appointment by phone or Skype!

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