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Coursework for College Study Abroad Programs

Building on Dragons 25+ years of implementing experiential and cross-cultural educational programs, College Study Abroad Programs offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit while also developing essential language competence, regional knowledge, research experience, and intercultural understanding. College Study Abroad students enroll in 12–16 credits (semester) or 4 credits (summer), depending on personal preference and home school requirements.

All Dragons College Study Abroad summer students enroll in one 4-credit language course.

Dragons College Study Abroad semester programs typically offer four courses (4 credits each), with offerings varying based on student interest and faculty availability. For semester study abroad students, we recommend that students enroll in four courses, as this is typical for most students. Because our programs are small and the coursework is woven into all aspects of programming, students are expected to fully participate in all aspects of academics, including the full Independent Study Project process, even if they choose to only request credit for 3 of the 4 courses. Included below is a overview of possible course options:

Regional Seminar (ASIA/GLOS 310, ASIA/GLOS 320, ASIA/GLOS 330; LAS/GLOS 340; 4 credits)

This course provides students with a background in regional history and politics that is specific to each host country. Course topics may include modern history, social issues, vulnerable populations, religious traditions, and/or human rights.


Language Study

Language Study (CHIN, HIND, NPL, or SPAN 150/250/350; 4 credits)

Student enroll in a Mandarin, Hindi, Nepali, or Spanish language course. Language lessons focus on increasing verbal competency, building vocabulary, improving grammar, and, in some cases, learning new how to read and write in a new script or writing system.


 Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication (COMM 301; 4 credits)

This course provides an in-depth understanding of essential intercultural communication theories as well as the integral skills to apply theories in interactions. Students focus on critical intercultural communication frameworks, scholarship, and applications.


Independent Study Programs

Independent Study Project (ISP): Methods and Application (ANTH/ISP 325; 4 credits)

This course is focused on providing students with a basic understanding of ethnographic research methods and skills, while also giving students the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge in an individual topic of study.


Global Citizenship

Intercultural Development and Global Citizenship (GLOS 211; 4 credits)

Drawing from culturally diverse models of leadership and epistemology, this course examines topics such as interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, leadership styles, contextualizes human development issues, ethnorelativism, and the roles and responsibilities of global citizenship.

To read full course descriptions and to download sample syllabi, please visit individual College Study Abroad program pages: China, India, Nepal, South America.

School of Record

Dragons works in partnership with Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. As Dragons School of Record, Naropa University provides oversight and guidance on academic aspects of the College Study Abroad Programs. After a student successfully completes a College Study Abroad Program, he/she receives a transcript from Naropa University.
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