Zhao Ling

Princeton Bridge Year On-Site Director, China

BA in Art Design from Sichuan University in China.

Zhao Ling was born and raised in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, one of the major cities in the South-West of China, and began to learn about drawing at age 5, a practice that continues to be a mainstay in her life. She completed all of her formal education and official school work in the cozy city of Chengdu and started her journey of discovery in 2003 by embarking on a solo Tibetan horse trekking journey. Since then she has been lived like the nomads, visiting over 20 provinces, all the municipalities and two special economy zones in China as well as over 20 foreign countries mostly on her own.  Those experiences helped her to shape character and learn the different philosophies of life, as well as get in-depth understanding of cultural differences. Beside travel, she is also a big bookworm, art lover and movieholic, those habits keep her coming up with new ideas.

Ling has been working in travel and culture related fields for over 12 years, including editor for an independent travel magazine, group leader for an Australian adventure travel company, and manger for an English youth volunteer organization in Chengdu. Learning is infinite, and she is a self-motivated, autonomous person with big enthusiasm to gain and share knowledge. Currently, she is working as freelance guide and educator back to her hometown of Chengdu, focusing on self-education, more travel plans, and always improving her drawing skills.