Verónica Fonseca-Maldonado

Princeton Bridge Year On-Site Director, Bolivia

MA in Human Rights Studies, Columbia University
BA with Honors in Literature Studies, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Verónica joined the World Scout Movement at age 10, where she discovered her passion for adventure, traveling, and service learning. During her youth, Verónica’s family members migrated to the U.S. one by one until she also migrated to New York in 2011. Visiting her family in the U.S. since she was a teenager made Verónica more aware of discrimination issues surrounding race, class, gender, and ethnicity and how bigotry was pervasive both in Colombia and the U.S. Through this interchange between cultures and languages, Verónica developed a strong Latinx identity and she is very proud of her Latinx background.

Verónica has worked in the field of education for ten years, both in Latin America and the U.S. She firmly believes that empowering children and youth through an inclusive and integrated education towards empathy, understanding, and respect is a crucial step towards transforming the world and building a better future for all. This belief governed her research while completing her Master’s degree in Human Rights from Columbia University. Her thesis centered on children and youth participation in peace-building and conflict resolution.

After graduation, Verónica led two Andes and Amazon semester programs with Where There Be Dragons. When she returned to New York in 2016, Verónica taught 2nd and 4th grade at international schools in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This year, Verónica is very excited to go back to Bolivia to instruct the Princeton Bridge Year program in Cochabamba.