Tawni Tidwell

Tibet Cultural, India Himalaya, Andes and Amazon and Peru Instructor

PhD (in progress) Anthropology & Tibetan Medicine; BS in Earth Systems with a focus on ecology and renewable energy, minor in physics, Stanford University.

Growing up in Colorado, Tawni developed a love for the outdoors, climbing and mountain cultures at a young age. An interest in studying Tibetan medicine and understanding Tibet’s political realities inspired her first trip to India as a student with the Emory Tibetan Studies Program and the Dalai Lama’s Institute of Buddhist Dialectics as well as an extended stay in Ladakh.

Tawni studied at Tibet University in Lhasa in 2002, pushing her Tibetan language skills even further by focusing on Tibetan poetry, film and current events. She returned to Tibet in 2007, leading the Dragons Tibet Cultural program and traveling and working throughout Kham, Amdo and the U-Tsang region.

In 2008, Tawni returned to Asia to lead the Indian Himalaya course through eastern Ladakh, the Changtang and Spiti and Lahaul.  She returned to India as Program Coordinator and Buddhist Philosophy Teaching Assistant with Emory during 2006, and recently as Assistant Director and Tibetan Studies Lecturer in 2009. In 2010 she began her doctoral studies in anthropology and Tibetan medical approaches to chronic and mental illness, and Tibetan medical studies with Men Tsee Khang Vice Principal & Senior Lecturer, Dr. Khenrab Gyamtso.

After graduating from college, Tawni spent a year in the woods as a caretaker for the Tom Brown Tracker School, learning primitive skills, tracking and nature awareness, and has taught the skills to youth and adults since. She has also led Dragons trips in Bolivia and Peru focusing on cultural ecology.

Tawni is honored to share her love for the Tibetan people and landscape, and the gifts nature provides in terms of personal transformation.