Talia Brooks-Salzman

China and Southeast Asia Instructor

B.A., Oberlin College, East Asian Studies

Talia’s interest in Asia began with Dragons. While in high school, she experienced the transformational power of travel during two Dragons programs in Vietnam and India. She credits her time living and meditating with Buddhist monks in Hue, Vietnam as her inspiration to pursue a deeper understanding of Asian cultural, historical, and spiritual influences.

In college, Talia majored in East Asian Studies, concentrating on Mandarin, Chinese religion, and politics. She was active in the dance department with a focus in Somatic Studies and Body Re-Education, as well as, a proud member of And What!?, an all-women’s hip hop group. Prior to joining Dragons, Talia traveled and worked in Cambodia, Laos, Japan and China. During her time in Kunming, China, she developed as a cross-cultural educator for Chinese local students, American high school students, and North Korean agro-forestry students to inspire more responsible and enlightened global citizenship. Upon returning home to New York City, she focused on human development and health education. She participated in establishing the New York branch of The Body Positive, an educational organization based in Berkeley, CA with a mission to change individual and societal models of body image, weight, and identity. Talia volunteered with Wellness in the Schools, received her yoga teacher training certification, and baked delicious desserts at a local restaurant.

Talia is honored to be a part of the Dragons project to share her love of experiential education and her passion for Asian studies, comparative Eastern philosophy, body awareness learning and leadership skill building. Talia is also a certified Wilderness First Responder.

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