Stewart Motta

China and Southeast Asia Instructor and Course Director

B.A., East Asian Studies, Colorado College

Stew began his life in the ‘Middle Kingdom’ studying Mandarin at the Beijing Educational Institute, and his path in life has tended towards China ever since. Through a series of grants, Stew returned to Yunnan province in order to conduct research on the Mekong River. He settled down in Kunming to pursue a deeper understanding of the complex issues that coalesce when balancing development, conservation, international water rights, and the political theater of China’s energy and resource needs.

Stew has worked with Chinese organizations which conduct water management and community development projects. With Dragons, he is the lead pioneer of the China Expeditionary Internship Semester program for gap year students.

Stew has led the Dragons China Comprehensive summer program, the inaugural Mekong Semester, the South of the Clouds Semester in 2010, the China Summer Internship program, and the Visions of India semester program. Stew has extensive experience as a wilderness guide in both the U.S. and East Asia, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder. He currently works with the Naga House, an NGO mediating the effects of rapid development in Laos between Chinese government and local populations.