Steve Roberts

Mekong Instructor

M.A. – Digital Technologies, Communication and Education, Manchester University, 2014
M.A. – Education and International Development, University of London, 2012
B.Soc.Sci – Economics and Film, University of Cape Town, 2003

Growing up in South Africa during both his and the nation’s formative years instilled in Steve a sense of reflection on the role of a citizen in diverse and transformative environments. After completing his undergraduate studies in Cape Town, Steve had the wonderful opportunity to apply these youthful reflections by leaving his comfort zone for an exploration of culture, language, religion, global dynamics, and – most of all – a deep look into himself!

Steve spent the next decade or so working and learning in the Czech Republic, Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Morocco, Tunisia, and the United States. Driven by cultural curiosity and an evolving career in education, development, and language, he had the opportunity to work in progressive environments, including Stanford University, The University of Hong Kong, British Council, and Open Society Foundations. Steve found a rewarding challenge in learning from one context and transferring these skills and insights into other parts of the world. This adventure has helped him evolve his sense of self and understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. It has also helped him to develop a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for what we share rather than what divides.

Along the way, Steve has found joy in practicing yoga, which he also teaches regularly. He has found that, despite the up’s and down’s that define time away from a ‘home base,’ building a connection to his body and breath grounds him and gives him the positive vibes to laugh with confidence! He can also be found hiking, playing the piano, or in the sea for a brief dip in Cape Town’s icy waters.