Soukeyna Ouedraogo

Senegal Instructor

PhD Candidate in Decision Science and Organizational Behavior, HEC Paris

Master in Business Administration, Université Paris Sorbonne

Soukeyna is of Burkinabe origin, was born in Senegal and has lived in France. Since she was a child, she
feels that she belongs to one family: the International Community. Her parents worked for the United
Nations and she attended the multicultural environment of the Red Cross kindergarten. She studied
project management at the University of La Sorbonne in Paris in order to set up a fair trade structure
between Europe and Africa. While working on her thesis at HEC Paris, she became interested in the link
between spirituality and entrepreneurship. This holistic vision of ecology has never left her. After her
studies, she quickly became involved in the sustainable development sector and later specialized in social
and environmental impact assessment.

Soukeyna has never really cut ties with the school environment. During her studies, she worked
successively as a school educator, a boarding school teacher and a professor. It is vital for her to maintain
a link with the notion of education but also with nature as she regularly organizes treks in the bush.