Siriporn (Pui) Klapthung

Thailand Instructor

B.A. Tourism Industry, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University, Thailand.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Pui spent her childhood hopping boat taxis and dodging tuk-tuks in the “Big Mango.”  At fifteen, she and her family moved north to Sukhothai, a quiet town near Chiang Mai, and home of the UNESCO-supported Sukhothai Historical Park.

Following a strong desire to travel, Pui began her studies in Tourism, and shortly after graduation, found herself as the Operations Manager of Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures.  At CMRCA she met long-time Dragons instructor, Josh Morris, and his partner, Kat, who sparked her passion for remote travel and adventure.  After two wonderful years with CMRCA, Pui was hired by theInternational Sustainable Development Studies Institute, an award-winning study abroad organization based in Chiang Mai.

During her time with ISDSI, Pui has had several opportunities to travel internationally and continue her education—spending two weeks in Laos searching for perfect limestone climbing, a month in Alaska with the National Outdoor Leadership School’s Outdoor Educator Program, four weeks in Seattle interning with Feathered Friends outdoor retailer, and three perfect weeks enjoying the splitter sandstone cracks of Indian Creek, Utah.

When she isn’t working or traveling, Pui enjoys cooking Thai food, indulging in all sorts of local and international cuisine, and spending time at the many Buddhist temples around Chiang Mai.