Shino Yoshen

Morocco Instructor

B.A. International Studies: Concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution, Minor in Arabic Language – American University – USA

M.A. International Education and Globalization – University of Bath – United Kingdom

Travel has been a defining part of life for as long as Shino can remember. Starting at age five, her father brought her on global adventures – traveling in unconventional ways to off the beaten path locations and seeing approaches to life far different than her western Massachusetts upbringing. Shino first fell in love with Arabic and knew she wanted to work on issues related to the Middle East region when she traveled in Egypt, Jordan and Israel by bicycle at age 15. Her experiences connecting with the people and culture in this region served as her first inspiration to help other young people access this remarkable part of the world. As a Boren Scholar, Shino spent the 2009-10 academic year in Rabat, Morocco, studying Arabic and culture. This organized study abroad experience opened Shino’s eyes to the possibility of realizing her aspirations from her bike trip in high school – helping people have the opportunity to experience new cultures first-hand.

After graduating with her undergraduate degree in 2011, Shino began working at AMIDEAST Education Abroad where she worked to develop and support study abroad programs for college and high school students in the Middle East/North Africa region. Being a part of students’ journey of self-discovery and cultural learning is deeply meaningful and satisfying to Shino. Shino collaborated closely with students and parents during the pre-departure preparation and cultural adjustment processes. She also worked with college study abroad offices in meeting various reporting requirements and student needs.

In 2017, Shino moved to the U.K. to pursue an M.A. in International Education and Globalization. Studying the effects of globalization on education and learning has further motivated Shino to dedicate her life to promoting and designing quality learning experiences for students internationally.