Sarah Galvin

Cambodia Course Director and Mekong Instructor

B.Sc. Sociology and Social Policy, University of Bristol

M.A. Education and Global Development, University of Leeds

At 18, Sarah left her native England for Australia to work in a community development role. After graduating from university, Sarah started her career as vice president of her Students Union, advocating for student rights. Following this, she worked for a youth organization supporting young people to become involved in decisions affecting their communities.

In 2008, Sarah moved to a remote province of Cambodia and lived in the jungle for a year and a half. Here, Sarah volunteered with the local government on projects to improve primary education provision, while also riding motorbikes to visit remote schools, swimming in the local Crater Lake, studying Khmer, and indulging in local cuisine.  Sarah later worked for a large international NGO working on girls education and minority-language education.

More recently Sarah moved to Nepal to work for PHASE, a small local NGO supporting health, education and livelihood provision. There she enjoyed days trekking through the Himalayas to reach the project villages.  Last year Sarah began a Masters in Education and Global Development, specializing in education provision in remote areas. In January 2013, she returned to the UK to serve as the director of the UK operations for PHASE.

Sarah has traveled extensively in Asia including Vietnam, China, Thailand, Laos, India, Cambodia, Indonesia and Nepal. When not working Sarah can be found climbing, cycling or campaigning at UK music festivals.

“I successfully provide an insight into the country by sharing my passion for different language, food, people, places, and culture whilst at the same time highlighting similarities and ways in which countries and cultures are interconnected.”