Ronald Alan Condori Flores

Princeton Bridge Year On-Site Director, Bolivia

B.A. Tourism, Culture, and Languages; San Francisco Xavier of Chuquisaca

Born and raised in Bolivia, Alan has been exploring the mountains and cultural traditions of Bolivia his whole life. Since childhood, Alan would travel with his mother to the countryside to trade with other communities, which is how he added Quechua, the first of many additional languages to his linguistic tool belt. Alan now speaks Spanish, English, French, Quechua. After high school, Alan completed his obligatory military service where he learned about mountain survival skills, first aid, and emergency response, skills that have served him well as a mountain guide. Alan then attended university at San Francisco Xavier of Chuquisaca in Sucre where he studied tourism, culture, and languages. There he had the opportunity to live with and study the diverse indigenous traditions thriving in Bolivia today. Alan was selected to participate in a research program in the Bolivian Chaco, a remote region of scrub and wetlands that extends over Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia, where he spent time visiting isolated Guarani communities to raise awareness about the importance of preserving their dying language and cultural traditions.

Since 2008, Alan has worked as a freelance tour guide with French and English speaking clients throughout Bolivia exposing groups to quechua, aymara and other traditional cultures. He has also worked for Condortrekkers leading treks and cultural excursions around Sucre, Potosi, and the Salar de Uyuni salt flats.

Alan spent the 2010 summer working at a camp for people with special needs in Vermont where he also had the opportunity to visit Boston, New York, and Miami on his first trip to the U.S.

Alan has led Andes & Amazons programs since 2011. He also lead a semester in Central America in 2017. He is excited to continue sharing Bolivia with Dragons students!