Regina Kruglyak

India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America Instructor

BS in Geological and Environmental Engineering from UCLA
Masters in Educational Leadership from High Tech High Graduate School of Education

Regina has led 8 summer courses fro Dragons in Guatemala, Peru, Myanmar, and China and 3 semesters in India, Bolivia and Peru. She has also traveled extensively throughout the world and sees herself as a forever learner.

Born in Ukraine, Regina immigrated to the U.S. when she was 8. After graduating from UCLA, Regina spent two years traveling and volunteering abroad. During her travels, she worked with various NGO’s and on her own teaching English to Tibetan refugees, building latrines, and creating water purification devices. Regina then spent two years in Honduras as a Peace Corps Volunteer, where she lived in a small village teaching water and sanitation practices. She also worked with the village to build dams, water storage tanks, and conduction and distribution lines to individual houses in neighboring villages. Regina speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and English.

In the U.S., Regina has worked as an engineer, a geologist, storm water inspector, physics teacher, and most recently a science teacher coach. Her hope is to continue to wander the world in search of meaningful transformational experiences and to bring those to others in her life.