Rebecca Winslow

India and Himalaya Instructor

BA South Asia Studies – Wellesley College

Born and raised in Colorado, Rebecca grew up studying foreign languages and dreaming about traveling the world. In college, she studied the history, literature, politics and languages of South Asia and wrote a thesis on public health campaigns in rural India. When she was twenty, Rebecca left the United States for the first time to study in India for a year. She fell in love with the country and has been back to study and work many times since.

After graduation, Rebecca received a fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies and returned to India for a year of intensive Urdu language study. She lived with an Urdu-speaking family in the Old City of Lucknow and participated in important religious and culture festivals. When the fellowship ended, Rebecca moved to Sana’a, Yemen to teach English to business people and government employees and learned some Arabic in her free time. After that, she taught ACT prep and driver’s ed classes in Denver before returning to India. Rebecca lived for a year in a village in the famous backwaters of Kerala, teaching English at a K-12 school and working with local teachers to improve their Communicative English curriculum. She also worked as a program leader for Rustic Pathways, leading American and European students volunteering at an orphanage in Jaipur, India.

After living throughout India with several wonderful host families and making many good friends, Rebecca thinks of India as her second home. She loves traveling the country by train, going to Bollywood movies and eating delicious Indian food. She speaks Hindi and Urdu, passable Malayalam and regularly surprises Indians who don’t expect to be able to chat with an American in their languages. Rebecca is passionate about introducing newcomers to an India that few visitors ever experience.