Randall Howlett

Latin America Instructor

B.A. in Applied Science, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

After graduating from university as a land surveyor, Randall realized that he had already lost interest in his chosen profession. Whilst working in London, he had the opportunity to lead a group of tourists to Spain, and this was enough to convince him of the need for a career change. From there, he worked as a tour guide driving a bus through the deserts of central and western Australia. It was here that he gained a better appreciation of the inequality in Australia, in particular with respect to the Aboriginal people. It fueled a desire in him to address poverty and inequality.

While traveling through Central America, Randall discovered a project that involved leading treks through the volcanic mountain ranges of Guatemala in order to raise money for disadvantaged children and communities. This project led Randall to establish another project in Nicaragua and he then planned to take the not-for-profit tourism concept to Africa. It also led him indirectly to a job as a bicycle tour guide in Munich and Berlin.

The next project was eventually diverted from Africa to Sucre, Bolivia and resulted in Randall founding Condor Trekkers and Condor Café. Since 2015, these have both been run completely by locals. This has allowed Randall to work and travel for various jobs and projects around the world and to spend his free time hiking, cycling, climbing, and playing football.