Pei Yuan Chen

China & Taiwan Instructor

B.Des. in Communications Design from Shih Chien University, Taiwan

Pei was born in Taipei and raised in an environment of art, literature, and traditional culture. He learned calligraphy and the game of go in childhood and has recently been studying I-ching (the book of change”) philosophy under the guidance of Master Liu.

Pei is a performing artist and independent curator who enjoys engaging with improv performance and multicultural musical traditions. He believes music is a universal language of mankind, a bridge of communication between different cultures. His works have been presented in contemporary theaters, modern dance, and musical performances. Since 2012, Pei has been invited to China, Yunnan, performing at international art festival and different local venues. The artists he works with in China are the spirit of a new generation, representative of unique cultural backgrounds and diversity.

Over the past several years, Pei has explored remote parts of western China as a performer and also a student of different kinds of traditional music from different ethnic minorities. Whenever Pei travels, he deeply appreciates how music brings people together in the shared experience of getting to know ourselves and where we come from.