Paola Flores

Bolivia & Peru Instructor

B.M. Psychology, University of Sucre, Bolivia.

Paola was born in Potosí, Bolivia – one of the highest cities in the world. Her family moved to Sucre when she was a little child. Nevertheless, she kept close to Potosí and to the stories she heard about the time her mother’s family lived in the countryside, when everything they ate, they harvested themselves. Since then Paola has always felt very close to the earth and very grateful for everything the land can give her. With a constant interest in human behavior, Paola was encouraged to study psychology. Through practical living she realized there is no formula and that human beings are unique individuals. She’s passionate about discovering, knowing, trying to understand, and above all, accept each person as unique.

Paola was part of BiblioWorks, a non-profit organization where she had the opportunity to do a research project to measure reading habits. Through this work, she confirmed how important education is for developing countries like Bolivia. Another important experience for Paola has been working with women and children who were victims of violence. She worked with a multidisciplinary team to counsel and give free psychological, social, and legal support, as well as promote and protect the rights of women and children against violence. After finishing this work, Paola decided to embark on a trip through South America with the goal of reaching Colombia. She lived for a year in Peru, working as a volunteer, then she moved to Ecuador where she had a lovely experience working on an organic farm. This trip led her to explore many parts of this ancient continent, and she learned to value her country more. Leaving her comfort zone through travel has given her another perception and attitude about the world. It has made her more humble and grateful for everything she has when she returns home – but of course, none of those things are material.

For Paola, being able to share and prepare food is a wonderful way to show love for others, that’s why she loves to cook. Being able to do things with her hands is a gift. She recently started a small business making botanical jewelry. Paola enjoys practicing yoga and seeks always to be more conscious of her consumption in order to take care of the environment.