Nicholas Bradford

Nepal, Indonesia, & United States Instructor

Bradford is an upbeat and adaptable traveler with a passion for people, stories,
the outdoors, and learning. He holds a degree in Asian Studies and in English with an
emphasis in Creative Writing. He is a trained and certified Emergency Medical Technician
and Wilderness First Responder.

Bradford has spent roughly six years in Asia, living in India, Cambodia, and Japan, and
traveling through much of the region extensively. Doing so has led to a wide range of
learning experiences and lifelong international connections. In his work and personal
travels, he has spent nearly half a year in various areas of Nepal, engaged in the language,
the culture, local life, and the wealth of varied outdoor environments. Additionally, while in
Asia, he has worked as an English teacher, as part of the communications team for an NGO
and its award-winning sister social enterprise, and as an instructor and leader for various
international education trips. He is currently working on a compilation of short biographies
of individuals from around the world and learning about permaculture principals by working
on small farms in Asia.

In the United States, he has worked in a range of environments: on an ambulance, assisting
with refugee resettlement casework, as a college-level instructor in English Composition,
and teaching a class focused on cross-cultural adjustment and the US higher education
system while advising international students.

His recent focus has been on exploring new ways of expanding and enriching individuals’
internal worlds through cross-cultural exchange. He is thrilled to be a part of the
transformative space that that Where There Be Dragons participants experience on their