Mohammad Alabbadi

Jordan Instructor

M.A., International Education Management

B.A., German and English (Language and Literature)

Mohammad’s interest in linguistics began at a young age. He had always found interest in foreign cultures and languages and tried to learn about them as much as possible. This passion led him to study German and English at the University of Jordan.

Traveling, badminton, and tech topics are some of Mohammad’s interests, as well as being a major foodie. After his graduation, he discovered that learning from a book is not enough. He went on his first real trip outside of the Middle East and backpacked through Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam) for 3 months. That trip opened up the flood gates and ever since he has been visiting one country after the other, hungry for exploration and discovering cuisines.

After a bit of traveling, Mohammad started a job as a resident coordinator for the Middlebury College program in Jordan. He helped students from various American international universities with their integration into the Jordanian society. He did this by developing a variety of events, trips, workshops, projects, and also helping them find a community engagement opportunity with the purpose of giving back to the society.

Mohammad wanted to expand his field of work and study thus enrolling in a unique master’s degree program called INEMA (International Education Management). The program is an intercultural experience on its own; a collaboration between a German and an Egyptian university aimed at further developing competencies in the MENA (Middle East and North African) region. It required him to travel each semester to both countries while also working in Jordan. Mohammad’s master’s thesis was on the topic of sex education in Jordan, a topic that is difficult to navigate in such a conservative society. However, he believes that if there is a will, there is a way.

Mohammad currently resides in Germany where he moved to be with his wife. The transition has been a huge leap in his cultural understanding and development.

According to Mohammad, challenges and barriers do not exist. There is only one way and it is forward.