Mohamed Arguine

Morocco and Madagascar Instructor

B.A. English Language and Literature- Applied Linguistics – Ibn Zohr University
M.A. Sustainable International Development – Brandeis University

Mohamed is Moroccan-American, born and raised in Morocco. Mohamed lived in New York City for several years before his professional career took him to Europe. He has lived in Switzerland, Germany, and now resides in The Netherlands.

Throughout his life, Mohamed has been a non-stop learner, adventurer, and leader. He came from an incredibly small Berber village in the Southeast of Morocco and his first challenge was to fight for his education. With the help of his parents, Mohamed studied in many cities of Morocco and went on to receive his BA in English Language and Literature with a major in Applied Linguistics. After receiving his degree, Mohamed taught English and French for high-school students for four years before he began working with the U.S Peace Corps for another four years as Language and Cultural Facilitator.

After his four years with Peace Corps, Mohamed moved to the United States and started another page his life full of learning and excitement. Mohamed worked for several different non-profit organizations before he decided to enroll in a Masters program at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Mohamed studied Sustainable International Development for his Masters, which gave him the opportunity to work for United Nations Development Program and UN-Women in New York. Mohamed’s focus was on women and youth empowerment in Middle East and North Africa. Mohamed has had the opportunity to travel to several countries either for work missions or leisure such as India, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, the UAE, Norway, France, Hungary, Belgium, and Spain.

Mohamed loves working with students to help them see, smell, touch, and engage with their surroundings. Leading Dragons trips has allowed him to facilitate these sorts of interactions and he never tires of seeing the excitement of students as they explore a new country.