Michelle Morin

Cambodia Educator Instructor

Michelle is a new-comer to the Dragons Instructors Team but is no stranger to leading groups in discovery, learning, international travel, adventure and fun.  Claiming Cambodia as “home” for the past six years, she finds her passion in facilitating leadership and management workshops for bright-eyed, sharp-minded Cambodian professionals working in both the non-profit and hospitality sectors.

After receiving her B.A. Degree and Education Diploma, Michelle wanted to set-off into the world and drink in the richness of different cultures, languages, and ideas while testing her own limits and humility.  After a year of teaching high school students in Montreal, she found herself working with children and youth on-board international cruise ships and officially caught the travel bug.  She led interactive recreation-based programs for over 500 kids and teens weekly while simultaneously experiencing the beauty of the Caribbean, Bahamas, Alaska and Mexico.

This initial foray into travel and discovery was followed by a year of training teachers in English language pedagogy in Seoul, South Korea.  While in this corner of the world, Michelle couldn’t resist trips to China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, and North Africa.

It wasn’t long until she found herself in Siem Reap, Cambodia where she fell in love with both the place and its people.

She spent 3 years working as a General Manager for a charming boutique hotel, learning Khmer, absorbing the culture, welcoming visitors from around the world and traveling around the country herself.  Passionate about sharing, laughing, and thinking, she established her own training center in 2008 where she continues to host experiential learning forums for both Cambodian and Expat professionals.

She is intensely proud of her adoptive home country and relishes showing off its many wonders and complexities to all those kindred spirits thirsting for a better understanding  and experience of Cambodia.  Som Svakom nou Proteas Kampuchea!