Matthew Colaciello

India & Indonesia Instructor

North India Summer Course Director, India and Indonesia Semester Instructor

B.A. Communications, Northwestern University

Matthew is an educator, storyteller, and aspiring scholar of South Asian History and Religion. As a teenager, he decided to home school so that he could pursue his own educational path. At 16, he began traveling abroad and has never stopped. Today, he speaks five languages (English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian) and feels at home on four continents. Matthew’s firsthand experience as a student at large in the world instilled in him a passion for experiential intercultural education.

As an undergraduate, Matthew studied the role that live performance can play in education and social movements in the developing world. This brought him to West Africa, India, and Nepal where he apprenticed with artists, activists, scholars, and sages.

Since 2009, Matthew has been dividing his time between urban and rural India, working on human rights and environmental campaigns, studying South Asian History and Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, and writing stories about his experiences.

Matthew runs courses for Dragons in India and Indonesia. He takes great joy in supporting his students as they broaden their horizons, deepen their compassion, and learn to put their gifts to work in service of the world.

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