Matt Byrne

China Instructor

B.S. The College of William and Mary, Biology

After arriving in Hangzhou, China in the summer of 2013 with no language skills, Matt spent the next two-plus years teaching English and improving his Mandarin skills to the level of professional proficiency. During his time in China, Matt became enthralled by the dynamic, ever-changing nature of Chinese life and the fascinating and delicious secrets held therein. Outside of his formal Chinese studies, Matt honed his burgeoning language skills through various roles including internships and coaching basketball. As a teacher Matt had the privilege of teaching Chinese students of all ages and levels, including a stint at a foreign language high school in Hangzhou.

Currently based in his hometown of Philadelphia, when Matt isn’t on Weibo trying to uncover the latest Chinese slang words, he can be found wandering Chinatown in search of its hidden gems. Matt has a fervent desire to keep his language skills fresh and is always searching for the latest and best resources to do so. Additionally, Matt passionately follows the rise of China and its increasingly large influence on global events. An avid reader in his spare time, Matt also volunteers as an ESL teacher for immigrants and enjoys an active lifestyle full of yoga, bike riding, running, and hiking.