Maryann Bylander

Cambodia Educator Instructor

B.A. Political Science, Rice University
M.A., Ph.D. Sociology, University of Texas at Austin

Maryann works in academics—teaching, researching and writing on issues of migration and global development. She has spent the last two years in the Department of Development Studies at SOAS, University of London and is soon to join Lewis and Clark College as an Assistant Professor of Sociology.
Maryann loves being in the classroom, but in her own experience travel has been the most powerful teacher. When she was eighteen she won a “global citizenship” essay contest, and was taken on her first trip outside of the U.S. as a prize. Since then, she has traveled to over thirty countries. After finishing her undergraduate degree she tore up her law school acceptance and moved to Japan to teach English. This led her to work with Peace Boat, to travel in Southeast Asia, and eventually to become a founding board member of PEPY (Promoting Education, emPowering Youth). Maryann worked in Cambodia as PEPY’s Managing Director for several years, and continues to stay connected to Southeast Asia through research and development work.
Outside of the classroom Maryann is passionate about languages, books, music, the outdoors, and baking.