Marta Fabregas Alegre

Peru Instructor

M.S. Marine Sciences, B.A. Biology

Born and raised in a coastal town north of Barcelona, Spain, Marta has been passionate for nature, wildlife and the ocean for her whole life. During the summertime Marta used to spend a lot of time in the Pyrenees of Andorra where her grandfather lived in his chalet. She explored the mountains and swam in the lakes. She loved observing the eagles with her father. On the other hand she was keen on snorkeling around the rocky beaches from France, where she used to camp with her family. Marta now speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and French. Her last year of high school Marta did her Open Water Diver course and start her First Aid training. Marta attended University of Barcelona where she studied Biology and a Master’s degree in Marine Sciences. She spent a whole year as an exchange student in the University of Padova, Venice and Genova in Italy. She studied the distribution of the bottlenose dolphin in the Mediterranean doing surveys along the coast of Liguria. Marta took a year off to study professional diving and she became a PADI Open Water Diver Instructor. During the summers Marta traveled to volunteer and experience wildlife and different cultures in different parts of the world, like Thailand, Argentina, Mexico and India. After finishing her Master’s degree in Marine Sciences, Marta got a scholarship to work for the environmental government of Wales. She spent months working inside National Parks and living in the beautiful town of Llangollen. Later, she got accepted as a Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Coordinator in Costa Rica and she moved there.

Since 2007 Marta has worked as a freelance tour guide and environmental teacher in different locations of the world. She started in Spain in two National Parks and then in Latin America. She worked and lived in Costa Rica for more than 6 years and she founded a nonprofit to support marine conservation projects, environmental education in local schools and local permaculture initiatives. She got involved in working with summer kids camps and loved living in a sustainable community on the Caribbean side of the country. She also worked in different locations as a Scuba Dive Instructor. Most recently, she has been studying for a Masters in Psychology and Life Empowerment Coaching in Mount Shasta, California.

Marta is a Wilderness First Responder, skier, diver, yogi and loves hiking and exploring nature around the world. Her passion now is to inspire others about sustainable living initiatives on the planet and be in harmony with nature. Marta believes that change starts with oneself and spending time in nature and sacred places around the world helps to reconnect with your own empowerment.