Luke Hein

China Instructor

B.A. English, Minor in Asian Studies, Auburn University

As a senior in high school, Luke traveled to China through School Year Abroad for a year of intensive study, homestays, and travel. He’s been hooked since. Over around three years in China, Luke has worked as a guide, interviewed migrant workers, studied Chinese, interned at CNN, taught English, and traveled by foot, bus, car, plane, train, horse, and tractor through rural and urban China. He’s especially fascinated by the country’s regional diversity, minority cultures, and the rural-urban divide; his article “Who Are the Migrants?” on changing trends in rural-to-urban labor migration appears in FROMzine. He’s also interested in China’s contemporary literature and is actively participating in it by collaborating with a Chinese writer on a book of short stories.

Luke has a passion for everything China and uses this as a lens to explore his many other interests, which include the group behavior of locusts, stringed instruments, emergent properties of complex systems, filmmaking, creative writing, the history of the single-axel tractor, and just about everything else.

He’s excited to lead students into situations where they’ll learn and grow by meeting locals and participating in their lives. Travel abroad allows us to directly interact with people so different but so similar; this is the aspect that most excited Luke when he was seventeen and just beginning his own journey in China, and he’s thrilled to be helping a new group of young people take their first steps on a similar journey.