Liz Gauthier

Nicaragua Instructor

M.S., Recreational Studies, Ohio University (expected 2018)
M.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado
B.S., Physics, University of Utah B.S., Psychology, University of Utah

Life should be lived fully in the present. Liz’s passions are experiential education, travel, and STEM/data. These have woven together to form a constant thread in her career path: from designing spacecraft, to leading over 50 international trips, to teaching, and doing anything related to data. She is excited to start her journey with Dragons in 2018 and share the beauty of the world with students.

Liz first ventured off the North American continent to India when she was 18 to volunteer at an orphanage. It was here that her love of travel and culture took hold. This led her to South America, Central America, Europe, and all over Asia at every opportunity, whether that meant volunteering, personal travels, or leading trips. Although every country holds prejudices and a similar story of injustices, there is always kindness and hope. This is the path to find tolerance, growth, and if a person dares to venture, Dragons.

Liz is most interested in how experiential education can shape communities and individuals. Her past research has focused on human factors considerations during spaceflight and the qualities that make for excellent international trip leaders.

In her spare time, Liz enjoys running, biking, rafting, diving, volunteering with kids, and portrait photography. Above all else though, she loves spending time with her husband and two young children, from exploring Ecuador to building incredible blanket forts.