Lisa Jennings

Guatemala Instructor

Bachelor of Commerce – Management Economics in Industry and Finance

Certificate in Environmental Citizenship

University of Guelph


Born and raised in Canada outside of Toronto, Lisa was exposed to cultural diversity and environmental consciousness from a young age. As a performer, she grew up dancing full-time both on and off stage. While performing around the world in productions and shows, she began to love and long-for travel and culture. Whenever possible during short summers she was with her family camping and biking in national parks, or at home in their garden harvesting for a meal. Lisa’s fascination and deep admiration for nature took root and grew.


While at the University of Guelph studying in business strategy, economic theory and policy, environmental issues, and natural relationships, Lisa was exposed to the themes that lead and inspire her work today. She travelled during her school summers and fell upon Guatemala, where for 7 years she has dedicated her life, energy, and career. Working freelance in a variety of fields from adventure/eco tourism, environmental and experiential education, film/photographic production, and sustainable living, Lisa has gained 7 years of hands on Guatemala experience as a guide, team leader, translator, facilitator, coordinator, consultant, educator and explorer.


In 2015 Lisa founded TI’XAR, a project which provides a platform for Guatemalan organizations to connect around environmental themes. Working closely alongside artisan cooperatives and organizational groups, TI’XAR fuels collective conversation, opportunity for collaboration, and access to information around community and environmental sustainability. Guatemala is where Lisa calls home and she dreams of growing a family on a finca in the rolling green mountains.