Lauren Callaway

China Instructor

B.A. Asian Studies, Lewis and Clark College

MBA in progress, University of Colorado

Lauren began her studies of China as a freshman in college, enrolling in Chinese art and religion classes. During her junior year, she studied Mandarin at Guangxi Normal University, and traveled to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong to work with NGOs focused on the rights of migrant workers. During this time, she wondered: “Considering China’s rapid growth, how can economic viability be synonymous with the improvement of Chinese labor policies?”

Immediately following graduation from Lewis and Clark College, she relocated to Taiwan to study at the International Chinese Language Institute. When she was not posted up in the library or a coffee shop studying, she explored the city of Taipei, its outskirts, and much of Taiwan’s protected and unprotected wilderness and coast. She also explored the industrialized manufacturing districts, where the air burned her eyes, and where beaches were obscured by waste that was dumped on their sands. During this time, she wondered: “Considering global demand for low-cost manufacturing, how can profitability be synonymous with environmental sustainability?”

These questions are at the heart of Lauren’s interests in development studies and business, and why she is passionate about working for Where There Be Dragons. She wants her students to explore their interests in China and generate their own driving questions.

Lauren is also a constant traveler, avid rock climber, slow runner, wannabe writer and obsessive knitter. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder.