Kevin Witkow

United States & Morocco Instructor

B.A. – Occidental College, Diplomacy and World Affairs and Religious Studies
M.A. – Columbia University, Department of Religion

Kevin was born and raised in Los Angeles and has spent time living in Jordan, New York, and Morocco. His main project over the past years has been to study and learn while living in-between places. Included in this project is the soon-to-be decades-long challenge of learning Arabic, which will eventually be put to use in the context of a PhD project, Insha’allah. While trying to always exist as a positive presence towards others and the world more broadly, Kevin sees this work as located within a complicated political space in which critical reflection remains a constant necessity. Being able to explore the Arabic speaking/Muslim world is a great privilege, and Kevin hopes to be able to use his experience to dispel misunderstandings and prejudice and to help build bridges through empathy, knowledge, and understanding.

Aside from all this, Kevin is an avid music listener, reader of fiction and non-fiction, and gardener. Growing up listening to Jimi Hendrix and Steely Dan, his time in New York introduced him to contemporary Jazz, and he continues to dream of underground jazz clubs when living abroad. He spends much time listening to music and reading contemporary fiction, including Arabic literature in translation, and part of his long-term project is translating his reading practices towards reading Arabic literature in Arabic. It’s still a work in progress, but the challenge is immensely humbling and enjoyable. When not reading, Kevin cooks for friends, does yoga, and enjoys tall trees, succulents, and bright flowers.

Approaching his work and life with curiosity and love, Kevin tries to be a thoughtful companion who challenges those around him to be more patient, empathetic, and kind. He believes that self-understanding is the first step towards empathy, and sharing this project with others is a necessity and a pleasure. Dragons provides a great opportunity to do this, in an absurdly wonderful setting, and Kevin is excited to embark on this journey.