Keshet Miller

United States, Indonesia, Morocco, & South America Instructor
B.A. In Sustainability, Arizona State University


Keshet is originally from New York and grew up during her formative years in Phoenix. She is always happiest when outdoors, and was lucky enough to grow up camping, hiking, and finding the quietest corners of national parks across the United States throughout her childhood. A high school backpacking trip ignited her passion to protect and teach others about the beauty and importance of the natural environment around us. She focused her studies in sustainability at Arizona State University on international development and environmental policy.


Keshet fell in love with international travel while studying abroad in Latin America as a student. She continues to be humbled by the opportunity that travel allows – to examine the world around us more critically, and learn through experience. Over the last five years, Keshet has continued to follow her passion for the outdoors and youth development both in the U.S. and internationally. This had led her to a variety of roles including trail maintenance, conservation biology, wilderness therapy, organic farming, and environmental education. Keshet is a compassionate mentor and teacher and wishes to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental stewards. She has led programs in Indonesia, Morocco, Bolivia and Peru for Dragons – and is grateful to be a part of the first ever Colorado River Basin semester.