Juan Salvador Galich

Latin America Instructor

Proud of being the son of artists and a true nature lover, ‘Juancho’ has worked as a professional guide and educator in Antigua Guatemala for over 10 years. When he is not climbing volcanoes or guiding film crews on adventures, he is collaborating on musical  projects with local and international artists.  Juancho discovered the beauty of Guatemala through his passion for mountain biking and outdoor adventures over 10 years ago, and was inspired to work as a local activist campaigning to help support communities as they endeavored to preserve nature and improve their lives. Juancho is a trained chef, and traveled and lived in the U.S. for two years in 2004, working in a sushi restaurant, and immersing himself in U.S. culture and language. In the U.S. he found out what a “melting pot” really means and lived with a Thai community that taught him the dangerous art of chili peppers. In 2006 he followed his heart back to Guatemala and pursued a lifestyle more deeply connected to the natural landscape. Juancho believes that we are all part of this Universe and that we should endeavor to live in harmony with it, and so he has pursued a vocation that helps others foster a more profound relationship to nature and to self. Over the past ten years he has been involved in ecotourism and ecological projects, supporting and helping national parks develop, building homes and efficiency stoves for communities and making friends everywhere he goes. He has worked with high school and University groups from the U.S., and with different international volunteer programs and NGOs working in Guatemala, team building and coordinating activities. With over 10 years of experience working as a free-lance eco-tourism guide, educator, and project manager, he has guided people of all ages and nationalities, providing him the opportunity to continuously develop communication and leadership skills across diverse cultures.