Jenny Wagner

Princeton Bridge Year Program Director

M.A. Social Anthropology, Distinction, SOAS University of London
B.A. International Affairs, summa cum laude, University of Colorado Boulder

After spending a carefree childhood at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Jenny first ventured abroad on a college study abroad program in Transylvania, where her tiny world cracked open and started to become a lot more beautiful and complicated. Her curiosity to know more of the world have since drawn her to live, work, and study in 29+ countries. Some of her favorite moments include learning from indigenous spirituality and activism in Guatemala, working as a dance-based sexual health educator in Ghana, and living off the grid in a tipi for three years at a wolf sanctuary in the mountains of southern Colorado.

A career experiential educator and professional coach, Jenny has led eighteen international programs in seven different countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. At Dragons, she has instructed summer, semester, and Princeton Bridge Year courses, facilitated Dragons Global Educator Trainings, and worked as a Program Director on the Dragons Admin Team. Jenny speaks French and Spanish, cracks a few good jokes in Wolof and English, and can buy students food in a few other languages. She is a Certified Wilderness First Responder.

Jenny has come to view “unlearning” as a vital ingredient in her own lifelong education, and loves sharing her learning process with students, who continually teach her to see the world with new eyes. Jenny cares deeply about promoting social justice, healing the planet, and reconnecting people of all ages with their own creativity. Her latest mission in life is encouraging “people who don’t identify as artists” to participate in backyard amateur musical theatre productions.

In her free time, Jenny enjoys staring into campfires, Argentine tango, cooking, poetry, deep-breathing, walking in the hills, singing with other humans, gazing at the stars, wondering what it all means, and convincing people it is safe to dance.