Jeff Halvorson

Guatemala Instructor

University of Southern California, BA in International Relations, Magna Cum Laude; WFR and TEFL certified; fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Jeff was born with a profound desire to explore the world and embraces his love of learning, an addiction to challenge and growth, and the drive to do something truly amazing with his life. After studying abroad in the Czech Republic, Brasil, and Costa Rica, he volunteered with Americorps throughout the western United States and then with Habitat for Humanity in Charleston, teaching volunteers how to build homes for the local families while gaining a real appreciation for what can be accomplished with enthusiastic volunteers and a few hammers.

By this time he had adopted much of the culture of the South as his own, still runs around saying ‘y’all’, and fell in love with beach cruiser bikes, crawfish cook-outs, and living on Southern Time. But he felt the urge for a new challenge and proceeded to lead three educational service-learning programs through Northern California, Central America and the South Pacific. These programs solidified his belief in the power of intentional global programs in the Developing World, and he quickly realized his calling. He took his teaching to Mexico, where he worked with elementary school children, ate a lot of tacos al pastor, perfected his salsa a la gringa, and discovered yoga.

Post-Mexico, Jeff has led groups through West Africa, South America, Nepal, and India, becoming even more committed to experiential education and its ability to transform lives. Now living in Portland, he eagerly prepares for a return to Guatemala, where it all began for him back in 2003, rejuvenated and grateful for the opportunity to be with others as excited as he is to explore not only the world, but themselves and their
relationship with this adventure called life.