Jason Shah

Nepal Instructor

BA, International Studies – Diplomacy and International Organizations. Concentrated coursework in Applied Mathematics and Spanish.
University of New Orleans, New Orleans (LA)

Jason views his life as a journey of challenges, creativity, and connections.

Growing up in Kathmandu, he always wanted to explore the world outside his valley and beyond the mountains. His first plane flight took him to New Orleans, where he lived for three years as a Chancellor Scholar at the University of New Orleans. Pursuing his academic interests in sustainable communities, political economy, and diplomacy was just as revealing as working and living in the crescent city, where he organized scholarly seminars and activist groups at the campus.

Between his four years of undergraduate career, Jason studied in four different academic institutions and traveled to 15 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. His major drive has been an overwhelming passion, and at times an overzealous endeavor, to glimpse the reality around him and find ways to make humanity prosper. Along the way, as he chipped through his travels and musings, he realized that his journey had now turned inwards both in direction and substance: he wants to understand his personal choices and involvement in society through rigorous inquiry of everyday objects that, most often, are assembled through intensive production processes involving natural resources, human capital, technology and tools, and finance and market.

Since graduation, Jason has moved back to Nepal and worked with an array of practitioners to understand the processes behind things that he uses in daily life, included but not limited to food, energy, shelter, clothes, etc. He is currently developing a platform, based in Nepal, to explore different ideas and practices in integrated natural systems, an approach that brings together architecture, technology, and ecology for efficient production processes. The current work involves shelter and agriculture in a pilot research campus, outside Kathmandu, where he builds structures, works with animals, experiments on dairy, and breeds seeds. He is also involved internationally in facilitating grass-root organizations that are working on producing localized resources for their communities.

Jason struggles to speak his fifth language, takes extra servings on his meals, and hopes to always go to bed with a tired body and a relaxed smile. He is excited to lead his first Dragons course this summer.