Janpim Wolf

Thailand Instructor

Virginia Commonwealth University, B.F.A., Photography & Film, B.A., Art Education

Janpim grew up spending the summer months in Thailand, her mother’s homeland. She was enrolled in a remote Northern Thai province school. There, she was immersed in the language and schooled in the customs and traditions of Thai culture.

While at Virginia Commonwealth University, Janpim founded the female club lacrosse team and studied abroad in Peru. During a summer break from college, she traveled to Zanzibar, Tanzania and volunteered teaching art at a primary school. After graduation, she moved to live and teach in Bangkok, Thailand. While there, she organized an international art collaboration project with a U.S. public school in Virginia, promoting cross-cultural exchange between the Thai and American students. Together, the students created a series of watercolor paintings inspired by the historical and cultural importance of rivers in both countries. During teaching breaks, Janpim explored Northern Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam by motorcycle.

As a trained art educator, Janpim enjoys inspiring students to tap into their unique creative abilities. She has taught four years of elementary art in public schools and is now teaching in the Art Education department at Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently, she is fueling her passion for art by working as a facilitator for the Art of Nursing project in Richmond, Virginia. In this role she works with nursing students to enhance their clinical reasoning skills through art discussion and self-reflection as part of a health-related research project between Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts and the School of Nursing.

Janpim has led cultural exploration and community service focused trips with experiential education companies since 2014. She is excited to be returning to Asia this summer to share her love of Thai culture with students. In her free time Janpim can be found outside hula-hooping or running around with a camera in her hand.