Hilary LeBlanc

Admissions Associate

B.S. in Psychology and Environmental Studies; St. Lawrence University

Hilary grew up in New England, primarily in Connecticut and Vermont until she left to attend college in upstate New York.  In college Hilary studied abroad in Kenya; a semester comprised of home-stays, a number of different field components, and a month long independent study; Hilary largely credits this experience to igniting her passion for cultural immersion and experiential education.

After college, Hilary headed west to Colorado to teach at High Trails Outdoor Education Center in Florissant Colorado, which continued to fuel her interest in experiential education and the significant benefits it offers students. She filled her winters coaching and teaching skiing in Crested Butte and her summers leading bike tours and backpacking trips for Overland Summers.

Leading for Overland gave Hilary the opportunity to travel to many incredible places with students including a backpacking trip in Iceland and a bike trip from Amsterdam to Barcelona, but the most impactful experience was a cross country bike trip starting in Charleston, South Carolina and ending in Los Angeles, California. Understandably, we are often eager to travel abroad to experience cultures and landscapes different than what we are used to. However, there is an astounding amount of geographic and cultural diversity within own country, something their group was able to experience as they passed through countless communities across the US on their bikes. In working for Dragons Hilary feels as though she has finally found a means to combine her interests and passions from her previous jobs and areas of her life and couldn’t be happier to be a party of this community of educators!