Gregory Pettys

Himalaya & Thailand Instructor

Blessed to be born into a Midwestern family who loves Nature, Gregory has been immersed in a world of socially engaged, politically active, spiritually driven vibrancy since early childhood, when he was raised going on weekend camping trips around the country with his Salvation Army officer parents.

Somewhere between band camp and back-country snowboarding, Gregory was introduced, via The Beastie Boys, to the world of Tibetan Buddhism. An enchanted ascendance into a colorful world of wisdom-seeking and compassionate inquiry soon followed.

Determined to experience the “Land of Snows” firsthand, Gregory began traveling internationally during his university years, opting first to go to Nicaragua with the Institute for Central American Development Studies, where his passion for social justice and indigenous land rights was first ignited. He eventually landed himself in the lands of Eastern Tibet where the desire to integrate mindfulness into political activism took root… He hasn’t stopped traveling since.

Having served as a raft guide, a writer, a mountain biking instructor, a radio DJ, a ranch hand, an organic farmer, a ski guide, a dishwasher, a jazz musician, a baker, a candlestick maker, and an experiential educator for over 15 years, Greg brings a smorgasbord of differing perspectives to each trip he leads. A dedicated lifelong learner himself, when not tending to his farm or leading trips, he regularly visits with his “root” dharma teachers throughout Asia while miraculously managing to attend Martin Prechtel’s “never-before-seen-school” located near Taos, New Mexico, where many “forgotten things and endangered excellent knowledge’s” are taught in the village-style method twice a year.

Gregory brings to our educational family an eclectic blend of unique life experiences and passionate, holistic Vision. His enthusiasm for all things beautiful and “life-feeding”, i.e. seed-saving, sustainable living practices, ritual farming, natural cultures, literature, religion, and music is both curious and contagious.

Gregory is a Wilderness First Responder who recently, along with his wife Ramphai (a fellow Dragons instructor), built an adobe home with the help of several other friends including Where There Be Dragons’ instructors and veteran students! Home now is split between Colorado’s Western Slope and Pun Pun Organic Farm in Northern Thailand.